A-La-Carte Services

Setting Up HR Department-This will involve ensuring the company has all the key documents required for a functioning HR Department including but not limited to; HR Personnel Files, the employment contracts (labour law compliant), Job Descriptions, HR Policy Handbook (Recruitment, disciplinary, involuntary terminations, Training and development), organogram, time reporting systems and the organization Structure.

Setting up a Performance management & appraisal system - As a company grows, so does its need for more formal or structured management systems. Managing the performance of people in the company becomes increasingly important. We will work with your team to develop a system that fits your organization.

Business Plan Development -Strategic planning is necessary during the company formation process, and periodically thereafter. Typically, organizations take time annually to review their long-term objectives and develop a strategic plan for the coming year. Career Management Centre can provide consulting services during these planning sessions. Our team will develop a HR strategy to support your business plans.

Policy & Procedure Development -Well-documented HR policies and procedures are vital to a successful operating environment. Career Management Centre is experienced in developing, applying, and evaluating HR policies and procedures for our clients. These services include maintaining accurate Policy Handbook, reviewing policy and procedure periodically, and updating documentation as needed.

Ongoing Services

HR Advisory - You can talk to experienced HR professionals any time you have a question or require advice. This puts you in confident control of your employment-related decisions so you can resolve HR and legal issues with speed and certainty.

Management Guidance- We shall be available to advise management on application of the policies, labour laws and HR management practice including trainings on soft skills.

HR Administration – we shall ensure contracts are done/renewed on time, grievances /disciplinary processes handled on time and in line with the regulations, time reporting and leave management, conflict resolution, follow up welfare issue, documentation etc .

Employee Engagement - we shall employ strategies aimed at encouraging engagement, feedback, motivation and recognizing achievement while working on staff retention initiatives.

Recruiting, Screening, & Hiring - Locating qualified candidates to fill internal candidacies can be a daunting task, one with long term implications for your company. We draw from over a decade of experience to ensure that your internal team remains staffed with qualified individuals who possess the qualifications and traits that fit your needs.

Employee Onboarding- The employee onboarding process is a critical Human Resources function. We provide a comprehensive onboarding service that ensures that every new employee completes all required documents and goes through position-specific training.

Performance Management & appraisals – Our Human Resources team will work with your executives and managers to constantly track, evaluate, and improve employee performance. We will provide HR support should any issues arise, and work with managers to improve performance. We shall facilitate Probationary period reviews, Annual performance reviews and Performance improvement plans. We shall work with your staff and management to develop creative performance incentives that ideally do not cost the company.

Staff Welfare – we shall always join your monthly staff meetings, shall develop and implement staff welfare initiates and will be available for staff as required of a HR Office

Training & development – We shall lead your Training and Development initiatives within your budgets and also offer soft skills training to your staff once in a while atleast 4 times in a year within the working hours

Periodic Review of Policies – we shall ensure at any one time that WIFER  complies with all the labour laws in the country – updating managers about any changes and reflecting the same on the HR handbook.