With headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya, Career Management Centre,  provides superior consulting services for managing the implementation of Human Resource Management Systems in organizations.  We ,bring a fresh and innovative approach to consulting services in the field of HR & career management.  Our goal is to exceed the expectations of every client by offering outstanding customer service, increased flexibility, and greater value, thus optimizing system functionality and improving operation efficiency. 


Who We Are

We  believe in people & their innate drive to excel. Given the right environment and encouragement, we believe people respond, engage and contribute, and are a wealth of talent potential that needs to be unleashed.

We believe organizations have a DNA that can be engineered for productivity, innovation and improvements.

We believe in long-standing client relationships, and constantly growing and improving our substantial expertise in all areas of Human Capital Management to deliver greater value to the client organization.


We help our clients achieve their organization's full potential by implementing leading-edge HR delivery models to maximize the performance of their greatest assets - people. The HR Practice enhances the people-effectiveness of client partners, ensuring that employees are correctly motivated, rewarded, and are aware of their role and contribution to the growth of the company.
Since our inception, we have partnered successfully with organizations large and small, local and global, delivering solutions designed based on expertise, experience, and empathy. Each of our team members leverages the firm's knowledge and experience to deliver value at all times.


Our team comprises of HR professionals deeply committed to enhancing the professional lives of people in our client organizations. Having worked in different industries, each of us come with rich and varied operational experience in HR . While some of us have held leadership positions, most of us have had opportunities to view the work of and interact closely with members of top management. As a team, we are strongly equipped to handle the operational, tactical and the strategic challenges of the HR function.



What We Do


An experienced HR Leader is critical to the effective management of the talent function, in any organization. Hiring the right leader may take time, and is definitely a decision that should not be rushed. In the mean time, an Interim HR Leader can come on board to take the reins of the HR function.  If desired, during this period a search for the HR head can also be undertaken. The Interim HR Leader will work with the HR team to develop the Human Resources architecture, and help the hired incumbent to effectively transition to this role. The HR Leader will also be able to channelize the expertise of The HR Practice to your firm, as required.

Benefits of Interim HR Leadership

i) Experience

The experienced, independent view an Interim Leader brings to the table provides a unique perspective to the company. With no umbilical cords, and without any legacy vested interests, a talented interim Leader brings unadulterated value to the organization, and provide tangible short-term solutions that dovetail into longer term strategies.

ii) Value plus plus

It’s possible that the expertise of a full-time HR senior leader is not really needed for the long term. You just need enough time and attention from an HR senior to sustain the ongoing initiatives and provide the HR team direction. Outsourcing this role is a smart move because you can identify the very best resource for your part-time or strategic initiatives, and bring them on-board only for the duration of the change or the introduction of revised strategy.

iii) Quick, effective deployment & transition

We commence with a clear brief about your specific outcomes and the requisite skills, competencies, and culture-fit required from a candidate. We then reach out to the most suitable candidate for the interim role, from our close network of experienced interim leaders. Once we have established who is currently available, we shortlist and send you details of candidates, and close in on the deployment of the most suitable person. Our sister concern, The Search Practice, provides us with a database and access to a network of the HR fraternity in India. We will be able to find the right person to manage your HR function temporarily, in a matter of just few weeks.

iv) Robust Governance to augment predictability of outcome

The performance of the individual we place is driven and enabled by the strong governance framework, and tried and tested services of our Enterprise Outsourcing model.


We recognize the need for CEOs of SMBs to have a strong and supportive HR department that could effectively take on all HR responsibilities for the organization. Smaller companies often have trouble attracting superior HR talent, which does prove counterproductive to efficient growth. Our solution enables the CEOs to employ best HR practices, while freeing them up to focus on their core responsibilities of growing the business and sustaining that advancement. The model involves our team taking total responsibility of all HR deliverables of your business, & partnering with CEOs in all areas of Human Capital Management.

Covered Services

This includes all aspects of Human Capital Management. The scope of work entails meeting strategic, tactical, and operational goals of the business. The Talent Management processes managed by The HR Practice team include:-

  • HR Policy Administration
  • Employee Database Management and HR Information Systems
  • Employee Engagement
  • Learning Management
  • Building of the HR Scorecard
  • Program Management of Performance Systems
  • Compensation and Benefits Planning
  • Recruitment Management


The People Management function contributes significantly towards building a competitive advantage for an organization. It therefore becomes essential that all HR processes operate at high efficiency levels and show continuous improvements. The HR Practice enables improvements across existing HR processes in an organization. We also design and facilitate implementation of new effective and efficient HR processes and Best Practices.

We offer expertise and support with:

i) Building HR Infrastructure for Startups

For companies that are just starting operations, The HR Practice helps establish an HR infrastructure that will effectively support your business needs from Day 1. Some of the services that we customize to effectively and efficiently recruit, induct and motivate your employees are listed below:

  • Determine HR Strategy and Philosophy
  • Design Organization Structure including creating of Job Descriptions for all key roles
  • Develop HR Policies and Employee Handbook
  • Set up Personnel Files and an HRIS
  • Recruit and Train HR staff
  • Develop Key Processes – Recruitment, New Hire Orientation.
  • Develop collaterals for Recruitment and Branding
  • Develop Performance Management Systems
  • Ensure compliance to legal requirements related to HR processes

ii) Visioning, Organization Structure, Job Descriptions and Grade Ladders

Do employees focus energies towards a shared purpose ? Identify with the Vision of the organization ? Articulating the Company vision, driving its awareness and adoption are areas we have supported many clients with. Also, crafting the organization structure for operational efficiency and building clarity on roles and responsibilities is a key expertise area.

iii) HR Policies Design

Are your employees aware of their HR polices? Do they have clarity on the benefits provided ? Are the policies designed for the millennial workforce? The HR Practice designs the HR polices for you, in alignment to the Company DNA. We create a comprehensive HR Policy Manual and Employee Handbook,  customized to your business needs, benchmarked with industry practices and compliant with statutory requirements.



Choose Us

We provide our services at the convenience of the client.

We identify weaknesses in Internal Controls and advice on best way to strengthen the same.

We always respond on a timely manner.

We apply a holistic approach to problems and resolution to issues.

We offer reliable value adding services.

We prioritize compliance.


Our Portfolio

Our firm continues to grow its client base comprising business enterprises and non-profit making organizations in various industries and sectors in the country. The entities that we have benefited from our services operate in the following various fields which include; Manufacturing, Financial institutions, Academic Institutions, Hospitality business and legal practices, Telecommunication, Architectural and real estate developers, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Faith based Organizations, Distribution of motor vehicles and spare parts, Wholesale and retail traders, Internet Service Providers, Printing and Branding, Repacking and distribution of products, Professional institutions, Construction and Engineering, Software developers and distributors. A list of select clients is provided below for reference.


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We are dedicated to delivering quality service and assist you with any issue that you may have through our highly skilled and responsive team. To get in touch, use the details provided below.


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